Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sometimes you don't get a break...

It seems like the younger crowd has been requesting me lately. I don't mind on one hand because they are definitely much more lively than some and their endurance amazes me. But I tend to get attached to them easier.

I can think of several movies, such as "Dying Young," based on a couple dating and one has cancer and ultimately ends up dying. I feel like I stepped into one of these movies with the youngest patient I've had on this floor. His girlfriend has been absolutely beyond amazing. Since he has relapsed almost a month ago, she has been at his bedside with his parents. You can tell this couple are so in love and enjoy each others' company.

After having this patient for 3 weeks, we had to send him home on hospice yesterday to fulfill his father's promise that he would go home whether in remission or not. Though it absolutely swamped me with it being on a weekend, it was worth hearing his dad was able to fulfill his promise to his son.

This week has been emotionally exhausting, having a 21 year old patient pass away n Monday and an 18 year old go home on hospice yesterday. Maybe when I return on Thursday, I'll have a break?

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Tricia Grissom said...

I hope Thursday is better for you!