Monday, December 17, 2007


I finally switched to blogspot after too many years with Xanga and already, I like this one much better!

The day I turned 24, I decided to start looking for a condo and move out of my parent's home. Now granted, the rent is free and I love my parents, but it's time to move on and be independent like I used to be in college. I saw several condos I liked, but there's so many factors to consider when buying a home or condo and I find my list of condos I like dwindling faster than I'd like. There is one neighborhood I found that I absolutely fell in love with! All the condos are townhomes and has a garage and a basement, which is needed for a pack rat like me. I'm going through a bit of a dilemna with two of the condos in the neighborhood that are for sale. One is within my price range and one is not, though it is also completely overpriced. I love the overpriced one more because it is move in ready. I wouldn't have to paint right away or replace anything from a superficial standpoint whereas the less priced one has wallpaper and I would have to literally bend over backwards to tear it down since it's EVERYWHERE (high ceilings, every room). The problem is that I have completely exhausted my options for where I want to live (which is within 15 minutes from my grandma's). There was one other neighborhood that I liked, but in a few years, the state is going to expand a highway to a field right next to this neighborhood and I don't want to live next to a busy highway. I know that I will move into a place that makes me happy, but it's so hard when we're talking about a lot of money being spent. Talk about the biggest purchase of my life!

Anyway, moving onto a better note, my grandma got Wii for my family for Christmas. We actually broke it out early because we're setting it up for Christmas for the whole extended family to play together. It is awesome! My 5 year old cousin Charlie and I played bowling, tennis, and baseball. It's tricky but practice makes perfect! I can't wait to duel my brother in the golf game! Maybe I'll actually be able to beat him at this game while not in real life anymore!

I must end this post because I need to get to bed. I work the next three days and I only have one more day off work before Christmas is here! Yay!