Monday, January 7, 2008


Despite the Friday I had at work (I worked from 7 AM until 1:40 AM Sat), I worked overtime on today (more money for down payment is what I figured). It was fine until one of our patients was placed on DNR/DNI status (aka no code). We were all okay until we saw this patient's 9 year old daughter crying in our lobby. A 30 something year old woman will be losing her life after a long battle with leukemia, but her daughter would be losing a mother. Not just any mother, but a woman who found happiness throughout her struggles in this little girl and fought to live so she could watch her grow up. My heart broke for this little girl and her family. I can only hope that God can give them all the strength to carry on throughout life and with the memories they have of this woman. On my way home, I had Natalie Grant's CD playing and this song popped up. It only seemed fitting for what this family is going through. I couldn't help but play it over a few times. Please pray for this family and for God to hold them through this hardship they will be struggling to get through.

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