Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tonight, I decided to finally go through the Mount Everest sized pile of mail I had waiting for me when I returned yesterday. A weeks' worth of mail certainly adds up! I miss the good old days when you were excited about getting mail and never getting bills!

Anyways, going through my stack of mail, I noticed one from my condo association. In the mail was a newsletter that they're not always good about putting out. They say they do it quarterly but we only get them once a year usually. I started reading this newsletter and plastered across it was news about a robbery that happened in our neighborhood recently. A Robbery??? Who would have thought my tiny neighborhood would be affected by this type of crime? When I moved in, I decided to nix the idea of getting an alarm system because we are a townhome community. If someone was going to get robbed, one of my neighbors were going to hear it through the wall! My grandma even tried to unsuccessfully get me to invest in a taser gun after getting on herself!

I still find it ironic how life can change so fast. One minute I felt so safe in my little townhome and the next, I am looking at alarm companies, trying to decide who to go with. Maybe I should invest in a taser gun like my grandma did...

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Tricia G. said...

AGH!!! That would freak me out too!