Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That's all?

This past week, I went up to Wichita to accompany my grandma to her oncology appointment. On Thursday, my grandparents and I went in for the jam packed hour appointment with the oncologist. I understood pretty much everything going on, my grandma understood about 75% of what's going on, my poor grandpa- everything flew over his head. He gets confused easily now thanks to the combination of his back pain and the pain medicine he is on. The part he didn't get is why the doctor didn't come in and say, "We're going to do this and this is when we're going to do it." He probably asked us 10 times after the appointment why that didn't happen. Well, things change.

I took notes of everything the doctor had said during the appointment. When we returned to my grandparents, I typed it out and forwarded it to my grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles since we were all helping out while she goes for treatment. I told my grandma that I sent the email the next morning and she read it, but had one little question for me (keep in mind, she's an 81 year old women):

"I read the part where the doctor said there's an average life expecancy of 5-10 years in healthy individuals. That's all?"

Of course, I started laughing a little and said, "Well, if you add 10 years to your age now, you'd be 91 years old. That's pretty good!"

I think my Grandma believes she's going to live forever, but you know, maybe it isn't a bad thing to believe in. She lives her life to its fullest and if the belief helps her do that, then so be it. At least, when she does pass away, she will have lived her life to its fullest.

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