Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 week and 36 hours of driving later...

I made it home from a wonderful vacation spent visiting my aunt, Jodie, and her family in North Carolina and my brother at Wake Forest.

The road trip itself was a beautiful drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway, mountains, and valleys. You just can't beat the beautiful scenery of the east coast. I quickly recognized West Virginia as the "White Trash State" due to its only major city, Charleston, being taken up with half factories and plants and the other half just plain dirty. On top of it, it seems like every destination (gas stations, hotels, etc) I hit in West Virginia, a fight broke out or sleezy men were easy to find. I don't think it helps that I saw a special on how half the population of West Virginia is doped up on Oxycontin. Needless to say, I think I could move to any state but West Virginia and I apologize for being negative about WV if you're from there.

I did finish painting my half bathroom before I went on my vacation and I absolutely love the color. Of course, it's the only room I painted at this time...

Now, I must settle back into my routine at work (not too excited about that) and earn some more money.

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