Saturday, February 2, 2008


My contract expired last night at 5 P.M. When we finished writing the contract, my agent stated she would call me as soon as she heard anything. I have heard nothing. Then last night, while I am at work and receiving report from other nurses, I get a text from my parents saying that my agent called with the counteroffer. I figured she called the home phone and left a message with my parents.

I came home this morning and found out she called my parent's CELLPHONE and gave them all the information. I checked my phone to see if I got any messages from her. Zip, nada, nilch. I was completely frustrated. I called my agent and asked her to meet with me to go over the contract (since I'm a first time buyer and have no idea how this is going to work). She expected my stepmom to go over it with me. Hello? Who's getting the commission here, my agent or my stepmom?

I want this offer to work out so I don't have to work with her again, but I also hope it doesn't so she doesn't get commission for the crappy work she's giving me now.

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